Manage Legal And Ethical Compliance Thanksgiving Taco Ideas: Not Just for Leftovers (But Can Be)

Post-Turkey Day taco meals are not new and entirely delicious. But there’s nothing that says you can’t make turkey tacos for Thanksgiving Day itself.It’s pretty easy to find turkey leftover taco recipes on the Internet. You don’t need taco caterers to make a southwestern-flavored turkey taco (use chili powder, dried oregano and ground cumin), a diet-themed turkey taco (substitute iceberg lettuce for the wrap), or even a gourmet turkey taco (the secret is to use fresh cilantro).All well and good. Adding a spiced-up cranberry relish makes for an awesome salsa, so have at it. It’s not at all hard to imagine a mobile taco catering company offering these during the holiday period.But one of the most enriching and affirming aspects of the uniquely American way of celebrating Thanksgiving is how the holiday is not tied to any religion or ethnic group. The Norman Rockwell dinner table might be the tradition of millions, but the diversity of the country can be found in kitchens and on dinner tables from sea to shining sea in late November.

For example, Italian Americans have included tomato sauces in their Thanksgiving for many generations now. German Americans manage to slip in a sweet-sour cabbage. And Irish Americans might serve up colcannon, a creamy mashed potato mix with cabbage, onions and bacon.So why not try Thanksgiving tacos? Mexican Americans may or may not serve them, but tacos have become so universal that they hardly can be tied to any heritage. The advantage of tacos – well known to taco catering firms that serve meals for hundreds of event attendees – is that they are easy to eat in large group settings. The hand-held nature of tacos allows for service without flatware. That works just as well with the adults as it does at the kids’ table.The possibilities of a Thanksgiving taco are almost endless. Thin slices of turkey are the main ingredient, of course. But adding roasted sweet potatoes, cranberries, pecans and even a little sour cream makes for a tasty dish. Wrapped in a corn tortilla (flour will do, too) it’s a meal worthy of Myles Standish.Part of the reason for this – spoiler alert, this is about to get scientific – is that the basic foods found in traditional New England-style Thanksgiving dinners contain complementary aromas. The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) claims that 80% of the pleasure of meals and feasts are the smells of cooked dishes. The professional organization says that flavor compounds (tiny particles that are aerosolized and float in the air to meet the nostrils of hungry diners, right before the meal) of root vegetables, onions, potatoes, the squash family, cooked apples, cranberries, honey and turkey simply go together. Including in a taco.

So would a margarita bar, white wine or eggnog be better with that meal? The IFT doesn’t say. Perhaps a little more experimentation is needed on that.

The Invention of Man That Is Destroying the World

Money, finance, the economy, and the impending end of the world are all linked and the reason is obvious. Greed and wealth creation is first and foremost in the minds of most who see nothing wrong with destroying the environment and taking whatever they can from others. Their goal is hoarding as much as they can while showing the rest of the world how great they are. What they don’t know is how poor they are.

Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit of the Universe it has led me to see the big picture. At a time shown to me between lives it called to take me away from the world and teach me what life is about.

It’s a simple story but one that would be above the heads of most who try to understand it in the light of religious teachings and the greed that has impacted the earth. This is our only planet on which we can live and yet man is destroying it at a great rate of knots to make money and stick it in the bank or some investment portfolio.

Can they in all honesty believe that this is the purpose of their lives. Yet it would seem that it is exactly what they were put here to do.

My first commission is to tear down the wall of blindness and recover God’s people who are caught up behind a wall of lies and confusion. In fulfilling that goal it was important to understand how and why things have developed to this point. We are on the brink of destruction and the earth and all life on it is at risk.

That wall is built by man’s imagination and false gods that have been created to explain life and death. In their efforts to be powerful men devised heaven and hell and used them as tools to rope others in to their opinions and dreams. If they could convince others of their own convictions, then for them they became true.

That’s why religions are now so powerful and rich. The leaders know nothing of the Spirit and they push money ahead of common sense. Through trade and then domination of nations riches became more important than life itself and all one needs do is look at how many suicide when they face financial ruin.

Money is nothing! It has no place in the function of the world except that the Spirit is using it to bring life to an end. Those hungry enough to be caught in its web are overseeing the disaster. That’s according to the prophecies in the Old Testament that promise this day would come.